The Drop

A steampunk-styled rolling ball game!

Gameplay inspired by games like Marble Madness and Super Monkey Ball.

The steam-powered flying city of Azimuth has flown for over 200 years, running on the mysterious energy core at its heart. But when the energy core starts to degrade, you must pilot your steam-powered Drop Ship through the city's depths to fix it.

I created all assets except for the textures, the CRT screen shader, and the font. Made using the Godot Engine.

Made for Weekly Game Jam #198. Theme: Descent.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Tags3D, Arcade, labyrinth, marble, marble-madness, Steampunk


Windows 115 MB
Linux 116 MB
Macintosh 130 MB

Install instructions

Choose the version that best fits your machine. Do note that the browser version may have glitches and performance issues, and the audio consistently lags behind.

Development log


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The CRT effect is a bit much, but the game was a pleasant experience ! The challenge and difficulty progression is well balanced, rolling the ball feels nice, I had fun :)


Awesome work!



Quite fun, I made it to level 6. I was thinking it would be neat if the camera was free to be rotated as you play too.  Gameplay is really smooth though, nice job.

Thanks! I kinda avoided a free-rotating camera, because that would add a lot of dynamics that would be difficult to do in a week. Maybe I’ll add that as an option if I make a full version of this game!


great visuals and sound, but the movement feels a bit awkward, espessialy on these rotating panels.

Sometimes it’s hard to balance “awkward” movement with challenging gameplay. The rotating panels are supposed to be a bit harder to deal with in terms of the obstacles.

To be more precise, I wanted to say that it's not very reponsive, but I understand your point of view.


I thoroughly enjoyed this, the game puts an interesting twist on the Roller Ball type game. Although, for some reason the settings menu didn't want to work. The rotating obstacles can be quite difficult, but I think it adds to the fun. I think this may very well win the game jam honestly. Great work!


Thank you! The settings menu isn’t quite implemented yet, so that’s probably why it didn’t work.

Np, and Roger That!

I just finished the entire game, great work! And catchy tune!


Thanks! I just added the settings menu, complete with an alternative tune that I dropped during development.

*pop* noice


Gorgeous graphics indeed! Well blended & balanced (pun intended!!) I would play an elaborate version of this prototype, after I've read the story from the description. I smell talent...


Wow! Thank you very much!


nice design!